Dentures are one of the methods that can be used as a long or short term alternative for replacing a missing tooth or teeth.

Dentures are removable and the frame is made from either plastic or metal and can have clasps that fit around teeth to hold it in place.


The plastic type can be a good short term solution for a missing tooth and is easy to repair. The metal type fits the mouth more accurately and has a strong frame.

Apart from aesthetic reasons, dentures can also help to maintain normal chewing, biting, speech and help fill out the upper or lower jaws to prevent cheeks from sagging or caving in, which may become apparent in people who have lost many of their molars (or back teeth).

Dentures can take up to 5 weeks to be made depending on the type of denture you choose.

Dentures should be removed daily to allow the mouth to recover and prevent any bacteria collection. They should be cleaned with the usual toothbrush and paste daily.