What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment (RCT or endodontic treatment) is a way of keeping a tooth that would otherwise need to be removed. First the nerve in the centre of the tooth roots is cleaned out and the now hollow ‘canals’ are then shaped with special dental files. At the final appointment the cleaned and shaped canals are filled with a special material. Then the filling material is sealed with a hot instrument ready for the final tooth coloured filling. Depending on the dentist’s recommendation a Crown may be needed as Root Canal Treated teeth can become brittle and a crown is a great way to help protect and strengthen them. Sometimes a specialist dentist (called an Endodontist) is needed for a better outcome.

Why do I need RCT?

Once a tooth has been damaged by decay or trauma, Root Canal Treatment is needed to keep your natural tooth. The dentist will let you know if Root Canal Treatment is an option. Other treatment options may include removing the tooth, then: Plastic dentures, Metal Dentures, Porcelain Bridges or Implant and Crown.