Childrens Dentist Caring for Adelaide South

The oral health of your children is a major focus in our practice.

We believe children should have a high standard of care with a friendly and encouraging environment to ensure their attitude towards dental health remains positive into later life.

The surgeries are set-up with DVD players which children find engaging and which also helps to distract other siblings whom may have come along for the visit. We provide the full range of services from general examination to myofunctional and orthodontics. Our practice believes in prevention first and offers a variety of preventative measures such as fissure sealants and fluoride treatments which can greatly reduce the risk of dental caries.

Our main focus is to ensure each and every child has an enjoyable experience when visiting us and leaves with a smile on their face.


For our little and intermediate patients (ages 3-12) we are excited to offer an early treatment option to improve tooth alignment. Research has shown, that most crowding is due to incorrect myofunctional habits such as mouth breathing, finger sucking, prolonged use of dummies, tongue thrusting etc. These “habits” create an imbalance of the facial muscles and the tongue position and thus impair the full potential growth of the jaws. For more information refer here.