Frequently Asked Questions

While the staff can answer your questions once you're here, below is a list of some frequently asked questions:

Which health funds do we accept?

We accept all health funds but are providers for Medibank Private and Bupa.

Can I have an account?

No. Accounts are payable on the day of the treatment.

You can apply for Zip Money for interest free repayments

What will the appointment cost?

An emergency appointment is impossible to estimate. All health funds charge different amounts for different items so having a full examination first is of great importance so that we can give you an estimate of the treatment you need.

How can i pay?

We accept cash, cheques, visa, master card, eftpos. We also accept Zip Money. We accept direct deposit with prior arrangements.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes we are very happy to see new patients.

My health fund wants item numbers, what are they?

Item numbers describe the treatment you have received and health funds can let you know what portion they will pay for you. Some of the most commonly used item numbers are:

011 - Comprehensive examination
012 - Regular exam
022 - Intra oral X-ray
114 - Removal of calculus (cleaning)
121 - Topical fluoride
037 - OPG X-ray
615 - Crown (other item number might be used)
965 - Nightguard
311 - Removal of tooth
323 - Surgical removal of tooth
419 - Emergency extirpation
415, 416, 417, 418, 455 - All codes for root canal treatment
151 - Mouthguard
556 - Veneer
711 - Full upper denture
712 - Full lower denture
719 - Both upper and lower full dentures

Do you have stairs to get to the surgery?

We have a ramp for easy access to the clinic.

My child needs braces, what do I do?

Our dentists, Dr Tanja Hollfelder and Dr Vilia Palamountain are general dentists that have been trained in orthodontics so when you call, ask for a consultation with Tanja or Vilia.


X-rays are advised every 2 years to check in-between teeth and underneath fillings where we cannot check visibly.


We use resin fillings which are tooth coloured. Occasionally the metal amalgam fillings are clinically necessary.