Dr. Tanja Hollfelder

Prior to completing a Bachelor of Dentistry in 1999 at the University of Western Australia, Dr Tanja Hollfelder completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours from the Adelaide University. 

Following her graduation in 1999, Dr Hollfelder has worked all around Australia, from Victoria to the northern Territory, before starting a private practice in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.  Dr Hollfelder began work at Southside Dental Options in 2005 and a year after,  purchased the Practice with her sister, Dr Vilia Palamountain.

Offering our patients all aspects of dentistry, Dr Hollfelder's passion is orthodontics.  Although Dr Hollfelder is not an orthodontist, she has undertaken years of postgraduate studies to enable her to achieve a certificate of general orthodontics in 2007.  In 2017 Dr Hollfelder completed her advanced orthodontic certificate.  Together with this Dr Hollfelder is able to offer our patients a full range of orthodontic modalities.

Apart from her role as a dentist, Dr Hollfelder together with her husband have a family of 4, which keeps them both busy.  Her Background being of German heritage and she is fluent in the German language.